Virtual assistants and refurbished devices

By February 15, 2018Our Blog

Most mobile devices like smartphones and tablets come with a virtual assistant.  Whether it’s Siri, Cortana or Google people are using the spoken word to control their devices far more frequently. Alexa from Amazon is also available as an app on smartphones but hasn’t been native to any phone or tablet operating system. (Yet!)

The technology for voice activation and recognition started to gain traction over 30 years ago. The introduction of virtual assistants on smartphones and tablets caused a huge boost in research and development. Rather than one or two word commands, our current devices can learn to recognise our individual voices and respond to long form questions.

The data that they require about to operate effectively is wide ranging. Access to information such as our location, music, pictures, video and contacts are required to achieve the best results. This list will undoubtedly keep on growing as we demand better answers to our queries and request a wider range of functions.

Companies that sell refurbished mobile phones have to keep ahead of this continually evolving technology. The huge amount of personal information that these assistants need to access means that they need to be properly wiped and reset to preserve the integrity of the previous owner’s data.

Our systems help retailers and OEMs get their refurbished handsets ready for sale quickly and efficiently. We monitor the latest technological developments to ensure that these systems continue to perform effectively. If you’d like to know more then get in touch.