The smart way to manage the pre-consumer, in-store and after-use electronic device markets

Improve CSAT Scores


Improve Customer Satisfaction & optimize your supply chain resilience.

Enhance Customer Care


Provide in-store walk-out-working & price-indexed device trade-in solutions.

Lower Operating Costs


Lower the cost of customer interaction through self-service & automated device triage tools.

Mobile Diagnostics UI

For today’s carriers and retailers operating in consumer mobile device markets, Pervacio as technology leader provides the most robust and customizable solutions to actively manage demand in retail space, forward and reverse supply chain operations.

Our forensically certified and market-data-fed software platform can provide the basis for enhanced device triage & walk-out-working customer service programs.

Whether it’s to improve CSAT scores or for building mobile device supply resilience in the reverse chain, or both, the fully integrated Pervacio Revolution platform is a complete end-to-end solution for carriers wishing to enhance and capitalize upon their current supply chain capabilities.

Front end solutions

Smart, tailored solutions that deliver exceptional customer experience and drive enhanced competitiveness.

A complete suite of products for the retail electronics device market, Pervacio’s Retail Platform enables you to achieve a customized end-to-end solution for each touch-point within the sales process to better manage the intricacies of retail operations.

It’s about making sure that consumers enjoy a positive experience so that the items they buy stay bought.

Retail Suite Interface
Mobile Diagnostics

Back end solutions

Intelligent tools that drive value through the reverse supply chain, optimize inventory and logistics.

A complete suite of products for after-sales and reverse warehousing operations, Pervacio’s Warehouse platform enables you to automate existing manual flows, optimize device inventory and establish data wiping programs; all whist ensuring devices leave the factory floor in forensically certified, pre-sale condition.

Contain the cost of mobile device automation

  • Reduce the number of devices re-entering the supply chain
  • Increase opportunity for device repair and resale
  • Decrease logistics and shipping costs
  • Decrease inventory costs

Improve customer service

  • Improve management of increasing device complexity
  • Deliver network and consumer demand for walk-out-working and on-device triage solutions
  • Meet market need for data security and regulated disposal
  • Consolidate tools and capabilities in one unified customer interface
  • Reduce the cost of training and maintaining a skilled workforce

Guaranteeing unquestionable data security

7.7 billion

estimated mobile phones and tablets currently in use worldwide

With the increasing number of data security and privacy regulations, the risk of data leakage and its associated high costs of data breach mean that action must be taken to ensure complete and secure disposal of sensitive information, at any point of the device life cycle. Pervacio’s scalable, forensically-certified software platform provides peace of mind for even the largest of organizations.

If you would like to know more about Pervacio, our products and how we can help your business with all aspects of forward and reverse logistics in mobile technology, drop us an email for more information.