Senior appointment at Pervacio’s Japan office

Ryo Shioya

Mobile device automation solutions specialist Pervacio has announced a senior appointment at its Japan office. Director of Program Management Ryo Shioya is in charge of day-to-day operations at the company’s base in Akasaka, Tokyo.

Ryo has almost 20 years of industry experience and joined Pervacio from Pegasystems, where he specialised in enterprise software solutions for major insurance companies and financial institutions. Prior to that Ryo spent almost 13 years with Oracle Japan, latterly as Consulting Business Development Manager with responsibility for growing the business with major manufacturing companies.

Pervacio’s Tokyo office has been established in accordance with the company’s ambitious expansion strategy. It will not only support customers in Japan, but will also leave Pervacio well-placed to take advantage of market opportunities throughout South East Asia.

Pervacio’s CEO Sanjay Kanodia says: “Our commitment to establishing a local presence in key markets is essential to our five-year expansion plan.

“Ryo is very experienced in mobile telecommunications and he and the team we are building at our certification base and office in Tokyo will be able to reassure mobile phone carriers and retailers that all the support they require is readily available from a team of locally-based experts.”

As far as consumer electronics and the global mobile phone landscape are concerned Japan is at the cutting edge of technological development. Yet, the fact that such a technically-orientated country has an ageing end user population creates a unique set of requirements, as consumers are likely to need more assistance to get the best out of their phone or tablet. Pervacio views this ‘imbalance’ as a key business opportunity.

Since handsets vary from country to country, Pervacio’s investment in a dedicated facility will enable it to certify that its software is compatible with each and every mobile phone available in Japan. Operating from within the country will also make it easier and more cost-effective for Pervacio to demonstrate how its platform helps to contain device management, in particular no fault found returns, while also promoting a better service for Japanese consumers.

Up to 30 people will be working in Pervacio’s Japan office at any one time. In addition to providing a base for the permanent team of Japanese staff, the facility will support visiting engineers and specialists when they are working in the region.

In developing its business in Japan, Pervacio intends to benchmark and refine its strategy for expansion into China, Thailand, Indonesia and Australia. As its customer base increases, the company plans to boost its capabilities by expanding the Japan operation, creating job opportunities for engineering, operations, sales and marketing personnel.