Pervacio acquires Australian contract

By August 19, 2015New Customers, News

Pervacio has acquired a major contract for an Australian mobile technology service provider.

This contract is especially significant in Pervacio’s success story as it is a global account, with our software active at all client locations from the US, Europe, Asia, Far East and now Australasia.

Our esteemed client provides device protection and support services for smartphones, tablets, consumer electronics, appliances, satellite receivers and jewelry. The company operates in 14 countries and has 49 offices worldwide with 15,000 employees serving 280 million consumers.

The contract win is for data wipe and potentially leading to diagnostics as well. The client is based in Sydney, and serves some key carriers.

The significance is huge, since this is Pervacio’s first account in Australia and gives Pervacio the stepping stone into a new region.  It also strengthens our partnership with the client worldwide.  This contract has directly led Pervacio to now forge ahead into Thailand and Singapore. With Pervacio now based in this new region it gives us the opportunity to expand our business yet further.

This will further strengthen Pervacio’s expertise and help make a mark in the global arena.

Pervacio combines deep technology acumen with industry knowledge to surpass client expectations; the Australian contract will help better its performance and will enable Pervacio to scale greater heights.